About Us

We are Running Alliance Sport. We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization. Our motto is “By Runners, For Runners.”

At Running Alliance Sport (RAS) races, runners always come first. We put our hearts into creating, organizing, staffing, and managing these events. We do what we do because we are runners, and we love this community.

Since the beginning, we have stood out from other race organizations by providing runners with a value experience. Once you race with us, we know you’ll want to come back for more! With RAS Perk Points, 5% of your registration fee can be used for a discount on future races.

RAS gives back to the community in every way we can. RAS donates all proceeds (that’s everything after our “cost of production”) to several charitable causes. Our biggest charity beneficiary is The Bridge Over Troubled Waters, which provides support and a safe haven for domestic and sexual violence survivors. We also donate to the Baytown Special Rodeo Association, which helps mentally and/or physically challenged children and their families. RAS has supported Marathon Clubs to encourage the future generation, giving school children a healthy introduction to marathon running. Kids that run 26.2 miles or more during the school year receive a t-shirt and a medal from RAS.

Thanks for running our races and participating in our events.